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Frequently Asked Questions

With special focus on installation, compatibility and licensing


Does MART installation require admin rights?

No. Non-admin windows users can also install MART. MART does not require elevated rights to be installed. 

How do I install MART?

Download and execute file MART.1.XX.X.Installer.msi which you can download in the Try-it section of our website. After you have completed all the instalation steps and restarted Microsoft Excel, you will see the MART tab in the Excel ribbon.

My computer won’t let me install MART. What can I do?
Some companies put restrictions to prevent employees from installing software. You should contact your IT department and request assistance to install MART.
What is the installation directory of MART?

The default installation directory of mart is %LocalAppData%\MART which in points to folder C:\\Users\\AppData\MART in Windows 10.


Will MART work on iOS or on Linux?
MART is a Windows application and will not work on iOS or on Linux.
Will MART work with 64-bit Excel?
Yes. The same installation file of MART is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Excel.
Will MART work with older versions of Excel?

Yes. MART is compatible with Excel versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365. Compatibility with prior versions has not been tested.

Will MART work with older versions of Windows?
Yes. MART is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. Compatibility with prior Windows versions has not been tested.


How does the licensing process work?
You will receive a serial number right after purchasing a license. MART requires you to activate the serial number. You can activate it instantly by entering the serial number in the ‘License’ window of MART and clicking on ‘Instant Activation’. When you do this, MART will contact an online server and check that the license is valid. One serial number can only be activated in one computer at the same time.
I have switched to a new computer. Can I transfer my license from the old computer to the new computer?
Yes. You can request a license transfer by writing an email to If you choose to transfer your license, the license in your old computer will be revoked and will stop working and you will be able to activate your license in your new computer. Please note that a reactivation fee may apply.
Can I transfer a MART license from one employee to another employee?
Yes. You can use the same procedure described above to transfer the license to another computer. Please note that a reactivation fee may apply.

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